Monday, December 8, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

This is the time of year to take an hour, get together with your kids, friends, sisters, and make homemade ornaments this year. Pull away from the commercial side of Christmas, have an ornament making party. Share goodies and recipes, and make a few ornaments for the tree this year, to add to the top of a goodie plate, for your child's teacher, or the special someone.

Put homemade ornaments on real trees, fake trees, or hang by each stocking, on the mantle, or on the fridge! Take time to relax and enjoy the season.

This ornament is made by adding a tag with sentiment and a punched snowflake as an embellishment. Buy the premade grapevine balls and save time, Just add a ribbon and some berries as an accent to complete the ornament.

This ornament is simply made from using our 5 Petal Flower Punch. Punch out once for the leaves in a green. Then punch twice out of designer paper in red, for the pointsettia flower. Fan each layer out and fasten with a brad in the middle. Punch a tiny hole at the top and string ornament with jute cording.

This is an ornament that uses three of our punches. Punch one Scallop Circle punch in desired color. Also punch one snowflake and one 3/4 inch circle. Build up smallest to largest and secure with a brad.

This star is made using the valley and hill method. Start by fan folding paper, secure in the middle with staples. Trim both ends with scissors so they are pointed. Fan fold each side to attach with the other side and hold together with strong adhesive or staples. Embellish as desired. Here I used the Snowflake, Scallop Circle and 3/4" Circle punches and attached them all with a brad. Use jute, ribbon, or cording to hang.

This star is made from using a pattern I found on line at The pattern is called "A magic Wand". Follow directions that they give you to create this cute star ornament. You can also put these stars on a stick and create a wand!

These stars are used among the garland, lights and candy canes to give some added 3-D appeal. Make a star pattern from chipboard or heavy cardboard. Trace and cut out on patterned paper. Then score and fold on every point and valley of the star. You should have ten folds on a five pointed star.

These are not an ornament, but a decoration that you can make very easily. Save four of the same size of cans when your making dinner one week. I used cans that had corn in them. Run them through the dishwasher once you have removed the paper around the outside of the can. Dry completely. Then decorate with patterned paper, chipboard ornaments, ribbons, and wire for a handle. I spelled out the word "SNOW". I hung these cans from a mirror I have by my front door. I put candy canes and berries in two of them to decorate them. You could fill with hot cocoa, marshmallows, candy canes, and mini chochlate chips and give as a gift too! Just remember, that if you want to use your crop-a-dile to hang each can with wire, then DO NOT use cans that have a lip at the top because your crop-a-dile will not fit. I hope that you enjoy these ideas and will take a minute to relax, and make something homemade this year! Happy Holidays