Monday, January 26, 2009

Punch Template Idea...

Hi Everyone. Today I wanted to share an idea with you. This past week a customer of mine shared a website with me that I had not seen yet. This gal's name is Dawn and she had a great idea on her site for a punch template. Dawn used pieces of cardstock in 4x11". After talking with my friend Karen, who is also a demonstrator, I decided to go with something smaller and more managable. I wanted to have easy access to using these punch templates with my catalog and be able to get in tight places. First I'm going to share the pictures with you for my punch templates and I'll also give you a link to Dawn's site so you can watch her video of how she made hers. Then decide for yourself what best suits your needs.

This is the product I used for my laminating. It is a self laminating pouch so it doesn't require a big machine - just a flat surface. I bought mine at Walmart for under $10.00.

This picture shows you my punched out items. I started with black cardstock - 3 1/2 x 4 1/2. Then I used my punches on each page, making sure to leave room for my labels. I typed up on my computer the name of every punch I have so that way I would know certain sizes/names at a quick glance, and printed them out on return address labels.

This is how you use the self laminating pouches. Just lay your items down on the left side and peel the paper off from the right side...gently pressing laminate down over your items smoothing air bubbles as you go.

Here is what it will look like after you laminate them, before you cut them. Just make sure to leave about 1/4" of laminate around the edges when you cut them. Also make sure to leave room in the upper top left corner for a hole punch so you can put them on a binder key/ring.

A picture of my completed punch templates. I chose to cut mine all the same size and put them on a binder key/ring. Then they are easy to use with my catalog.

In this picture I demonstrate how to use your Punch Template. Here I want to see if I can use my Scallop Punch to punch out this stamped image from the Boho Backgrounds Stamp Set - pg. 111. In this picture you can see that this punch would work perfectly!

This shows how to use the actual punched out images. This way allows you to see what fits in what. In this picture I'm checking which size circle punch would fit perfectly inside this stamped image from the Gallery Stamp Set on pg. 107 in the catalog.

I really love this idea and hope that it will help you with your stamping, scrapbooking, and paper crafting needs.
Here is the link for Dawn's site. She actually has a video of how to use the laminate.

Happy Stamping - Kendra