Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tool, Technique, or Tutorial...

Tool Tip...
Are you tired of not being able to find the right colored sponge for your project??? I got SO tired of wasting money on so many sponges only to not be able to find the color I wanted! So when I saw this on someone's blog - (I can't remember who's it was a few months back, but she was SO smart!) I knew this is what I needed to do.
I made a purchase of enough sponges (about 8) to allow me to have a wedge for each color in the (4) color families, my nuetral colors, and my In-Colors. I cut each spong in half, then half again, and then in half again. This allowed me to get 8 wedges from each sponge. I then printed out names of each color on return address labels. When the school supplies went on sale, I bought enough of these paper clips. i put the label on each clip, attached the sponge and put it in a plastic container with the color family on the outside. I have (5) of these containers...one for each of the four color families, and then one that holds my In-Colors and Nuetrals together.
Now I can ALWAYS find the sponge I'm looking for, my fingers don't get inky like they did before when I held the sponge, and I only have to replace the sponge when it wears out!
I hope this idea for your tools helps - Kendra