Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday's Scrapbook Basics!

Scrapbook Techniques: Cropping Quickies

One of the most important scrapbooking techniques to remember is cropping your photos. When cropping photos, show only the most important parts of the picture. This makes the page more interesting and allows room to place more photos and for journaling. There are several different scrapbook techniques you can use for cropping photos. You can use scrapbook templates, you can try silhouetting, i.e. cutting around the main subject, or bumping part of the picture out beyond the “frame”. Feet, hands, hats, balloons, are ideal - you are limited only by your imagination.
Try cropping & matting your photo and placing it a little off your page.

Or cropp your photo and then turn it in a different direction than when it was taken for an interesting page .
***These pages were done by Shelli Gardner CEO of Stampin' Up!
I hope your enjoying your day, maybe even taking time to blog hop, C.A.S.E. ideas, or even play and create while football, games, and fun is all around - well enjoy your time and have fun!