Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Spotlight...

A couple of weeks ago I attended an Ornament Exchange Party at my friend Raylene's home. Each person brought (8) ornaments. While guests munched on delightful refreshments...Raylene and her mom bagged up ornaments. Each bag contained (8) different ornaments. Then each of the guests drew a number and that was the order we picked the bag we wanted. Then the swapping could begin if you wished.
This is a great way to add ornaments to your tree and rotate them each year, and to visit and relax with friends! Above you will see the gift that was in each bag that Raylene had made for us. An "Assembly Required Snowman". A cute bottle, some rock salt, some eyes, a carrot nose, twigs, and some material for a scarf. If you live in Arizona or somewhere else will get our snowman humor! She handmade the tags by stamping the words Genuine, Assembly, & Required. She hand drew each of the snowman and the word "snowman".
Here's another snowman idea for you - I have always remembered a gift we received while living in Utah several years ago when our children were very young (3 & 1). Some friends brought us a box all wrapped up with hand stamped wrapping paper and darling homemade stamped snowman tag. Inside the box was everything we needed to decorate a snowman other than the snow. We had so much fun with our two little ones playing in the snow and building a Jake's first snowman together!
Just a few ideas for some fun this season that you might be able to pass on to your friends, co-workers, or for your family to create memories together.