Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sale-A-Bration, Mini Occassions Catalog, New Definitly Decorative Items, Heart Shaped Sweet Treat Cups & Matching Stamp Set - GO LIVE TODAY!


Click on any of the catalogs above to take you to them to see what's new, fresh, & fun inside the latest Stamping Up Catalogs that go LIVE today! (or click on the side bar icons on the right)

Can't wait until your next club meeting or workshop??? Go HERE to place your order and be among the first to get these great items in your hands!

FIRST: Check out these new and adorable Heart Sweet Treat Cups. Available for a limited time and you won't find them in any of the brochures or catalogs...so don't miss out on these little gems. Make sure to check out the matching stamp set HERE!

Second: Are you in the CLEAR???

Over the past several years, there has been an enormous demand from demonstrators and customers for a line of repositionable clear mount stamps. Well...they have finally arrived! Starting today in the new Occassions Mini Catalog and the Sale-A-Bration Brochure, Stampin' Up! offers our exclusive stamp sets in both traditional wood mount, or the new clear mount option.

Our clear mount rubber stamps are the result of extensive research with the intent to maintain the very best image quality in the stamping industry, while at the same time offering the ease- of storage, and at great values.


  • Nine different sizes of clear blocks available individually or as a discounted bundle.
  • Blocks have ergonomic grooves on all four sides for easy grip and a traditional wood- mount feel.
  • Stamps and blocks are durable and easy to clean with your stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist.
  • Optional image labels on stamp backs let you decide if you want to see the image through the block or not.
  • Tight die-cutting for easy positioning.
  • Large clear blocks can be used to create collages or spell words with alphabet sets.
  • Stamps store easily in standard, DVD like cases with artwork on the front and spine for easy recognition and organization.
  • You will LOVE having both options! Would you like to see or test out the new clear mounted stamps before you buy...then call me today and let's get together! 744-2537

THIRD: The wonderful and highly anticipated Sale-A-Bration Brochure goes LIVE today. Every year Stampin' Up! gives customers, hostesses, and new demonstrators the opportunity to earn fantastic, FREE, limited-edition products they'll enjoy for years to come.

Here's how Sale-A-Bration works:

  • SPEND - When you spend $50 on SU! merchandise, you'll receive a FREE Sale-A-Bration reward item of your choice. PLUS this year SU! is offering even more products than before! You can choose from our exciting selection of exclusive Sale-A-Bration products OR choose a $15.95 set from the current Catalog - you have over 80 choices!
  • HOST - When you host a workshop or book party of at least $300 (before tax & S/H) you'll recive a FREE Sale-A-Bration reward of your choice in addition to all the regular hostess benefits!
  • JOIN - During Sale-A-Bration, anyone who joins my team as a demonstrator can choose any stamp set - a value of up to $47.95 from the current catalog, or Mini Occassions Catalog for FREE. In addition, for a limited time, get 15% off the price of the Standard Starter Kit or the Digital+ Starter Kit! Don't miss out on this GREAT OPPORTUNIY and SAVINGS...contact me today and we'll get you started as a new addition to the SU! family and a member of my team. (access granted to my team blog, and the SU! demonstrator website upon your on-line sign up - just contact me at skjj4richardson@msn.com or call me @ (520) 744-2537. It doesn't matter if your in my state or another...you will have all the same privilidges, calls, access, and training, so what are you waiting for???

So start SALE-A-BRATING today!


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