Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday's Technique, Tool, or Tutorial...

(click on any picture in tutorial to enlarge)

Today it's a tutorial. Many of you purchased part of a ribbon share this past week. I wanted to share an idea with you that you could use on a card, page, or even a cardigan sweater!

I'm going to show you how to make a ribbon rosette like these above.

First take a length of ribbon (I measured mine 6 inches) and you will need a needle and matching thread. I'm using black show that it shows up in pictures.

Start with your needle and sew straight stitch up the right hand side of the ribbon with small spaces/gaps in between.

Your thread should look like this when you get your straight stitch done.

Carefully (so your thread does not break), pull on your thread so that it will gather your ribbon up like seen above.

When you get close to it being gathered all the way, it will look something like the above picture.

After you have gathered as closely as you can...take the wrong sides of the ribbon and stitch them together so that your rosette is one piece.

When your done...it will look something like these above.

I am using items from my Pretties Kit to dress up my rosettes.

I am also using a Hat Pin that is also in my Pretties Kit to make my rosettes into a pin for my sweater.

Above you can see how I embellished my rosettes and used the Hat Pin to create a pin.

And finally...here you can see what they look like on my sweater. These are alot of fun to make and are fairly simple to make. You could use these on headbands, clips or barrettes, pins, hats, etc! So the next time you have ribbon to play with - think about other things than a card or scrapbook page!


Traci Faust - SU! Demonstrator said...

super cute Kendra!!

Deb said...

I feel deprived that I have not come to visit your craft blog until now.
I have been making a lot of cards and found that I really enjoy making them, but run out of new ideas! Then again I just have to go to moms plethora of the cards yu have made and get ideas!
Anyhow I am excited to make this flower. I have been looking for an easy way to make them, and I saw your idea and it looks really simple. So I am excited to try it and make some head bands!
Your so tallented.
Can't wait to visit more often and get new ideas.