Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Spotlight...

So today's SPOTLIGHT is on "Dressing it Up" or "Dressing it Down".
Why, what does she might be asking yourself. Well have you ever looked at a card and needs something else? Well below I have a card that is "Dressed Down", and also pictures of a card "Dressed Up". Most of the time I like cards dressed to the nines, but other times...a card that is simple, neat, and that does not have alot of "Fru Fru" is better in my book!
So you choose which one do you like?
Remember this the next time you create, and ask yourself..."Is this better off with that element?"

Eat Chocolate
WOOD SET #121931 -$17.95
CLEAR SET #122006 - $13.95

Decorative Label Punch #120907 - $16.95