Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Every couple of months we get together and each one of us brings a project to share with the group and we each create that project. We visit, share ideas, have lunch, and most of all...we have FUN!
Below you will see the projects we made and shared with each other.

 Traci Faust

 Sue Brown

 Karen Reid

My project...which I got inspired to try after viewing a video when blog hopping on Stamping To Share. I made 30 of these so that each of my club members would have one because I LOVED these SO MUCH!


Kards by Kadie said...

Each of the projects are ADORABLE and I'm proud to say.....I know each of those ladies. These are super talented ladies and their projects just spot-light their talent. Thanks for sharing!

Kendra Richardson said...

You'll have to join us next time we get together! :-)