Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Decor Elements - Phase two is now out and they have simply adorable designs for everyday living, toddlers & teenagers rooms, to Holiday decor .

Call me (520) 744-2537 to get a brochure or to make a purchase. Or click on the "Shop Now" icon on the right side of the page and it will take you there! These are perfect for decorating your home. Especially for renters or for those who are scared of change. They are so easy to put up and so easy to take down!

This one is not in the brochure, but is now available through October 31st - just in time for Halloween. Below they put it on a glass candy jar. Adorable!

The spooky spider comes in (3) sizes - Small $5.95, Medium $10.95, and large $14.95. It is also available in Black or White.

This one is my all time favorite! It makes such a cute "Christmas Countdown" for the kids and adults alike> It comes in small, medium, and large and comes in three different color options.

This is a comparison to the stamp itself and the size of the Decor Element. This one is the "Nursery Necessities".

This is the Organic Outlines Elements. Here they show you how to use them on a shadow box or picture frame.

Showing us how easy it is to apply these decor elements at Convention 2008.

These are known as the "Ginormous Flowers" decor elements. They are perfect for a teenagers room or office.

These are perfect to put on the wall in a nursery. Especially if you want to decorate a room at an affordable price and it won't make landlords/owners mad if your renting because they are so easy to remove!

This one is called "Spot On". It comes in (2) different color combinations and is darling for a child's room.

This uses (2) different rub on's. The first is the "Wise Men" and the second is "Santa & Sleigh". These make great Holiday Decor items and/or gifts. Make sur to see the "Christmas Countdown" - one of my favorites!

These ones are from the Wonderful you set and wheel on page 96 in the catalog.

This bird comes from the "Always" stamp set on page 56 of the catalog.

A pillow embellished with one of the decor elements.


Gena said...

Wow... those are beautiful ideas for home decoration.