Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Must Be Bad if the Dog Recognizes the UPS Truck!

I love the sound of the UPS truck! Usually I am fore-warned that the truck is just around the corner by my dog, Zoe. She will run to the door as fast as she can and bark non-stop. If I don't get up right away, she comes back to let me know we have a package waiting. (This is very bad if your trying to hold a phone conversation. It makes it difficult to hear anything!) So...I found that my excitement equals hers as I open the door and wonder what has come. I quickly hope it's for me, but usually it's for you! Sometimes, like today, it was an order for me though. I've been waiting and waiting for this package to get here though in anticipation of putting together some demonstration ideas for this months club meetings. I ordered the 'Love You Much' promotion bundle. (For more information on this special - click the link on the right.) It comes with a package of designer paper, a large punch (with 3 hearts) and a VERY cute stamp set. In this package - I also was able to order some hardware that will be available in the new catalog - it's super look closely, click on the picture! Well I gotta run and go start on those projects, YEAH!
Happy Stamping - Kendra


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