Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Green trend is here to stay & Stampin' UP is no exception. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I receive a monthly magazine to help me grow my business, it gives me lots of ideas, and helps me stay up to date on the latest trends. In the January issue, there is an article about SU! "Stamping Green". Stampin' UP! is using eco-friendly practices in their business, and I wanted to share with you what they have been doing to help the environment. The environment is important to me & my family. Being married to a biologist has opened my eyes to the world of "Green". So, I am proud to promote products from a company who shares the same ideals I do regarding our planet. Listed below are some of the ways SU! takes care of our planet:

*Rather than dumping all the excess rubber in landfills...the excess rubber from making the stamps is donated to a non-profit called Courage Reins so the excess doesn't go to waste. This group takes the rubber and and they sell it to groups and individuals for the use in playgrounds and horse stables. You can learn more about this Organization at:

*Our wood blocks are not only created from a renewable resource, but SU! also engages in a sustainable practice to get those blocks. They are harvested from a tree farm in which maple trees are grown specifically for the purpose of harvesting wood.

*SU! cardstock is made with recycled papers so any excess paper is reused into another batch of cardstock. The darker the cardstock color, the more recycled paper is included in that cardstock. This means black cardstock contains the highest percentage of recycled paper.

*The shipping paper SU! uses is 100% recycled paper.

*The SU! buildings are environmentally friendly because the facilities filter out the harmful pollutants, as a result of making the rubber stamps, from the air. The buildings also have geothermal wells to help keep the temperature in the buildings stable. Lights are on sensors so energy isn't wasted, and the landscaping minimizes water because SU! uses plants native to the area.

*At SU!, they strive to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. They have even worked closely with UPS in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. In picking up packages in non-peak traffic hours, it cuts down on the amount of gas UPS needs to get your package to your door.

*These are just some of the ways SU! takes care of the environment we live in. I'm proud to use and sell products from a company who is always trying to make their practices more eco-friendly, and hope you will too! Kendra