Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday's Tool or Technique...

In my whole life of stamping, I have only had one rubber stamp crack. It was one of my absolute favorite stamps and I used it alot. It was the second one I ever bought (back when SU! sold individual stamps - I know, I know, that ages me), but I never really learned how to take care of my stamps when I first started, and I would just stamp off the ink on paper until it was gone. After that happened - I knew that I needed to take care of my supplies, especially if I was investing money into my hobby. Everyone wants their items to last a very, very long time. Well after years of stamping the ink off, then using baby wipes (and not having a baby in diapers anymore), I noticed what my friend and demonstrator, Sue Brown, was using. It was the Stampin' Scrub #102642 -$16.95 and the Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner #102394 -$4.50. I have NEVER had another problem since then with my stamps. The stampin' Mist keeps the rubber soft and supple so that they won't crack. I love how my Stampin' Scrub can get off even the thick craft inks. I can honestly say that I LOVE these two items and consider them to be two off my best tools!
Happy Stamping,