Monday, May 18, 2009


Are you back for some Blog Candy???
I hope you all had as much fun as I did going through the Blog Tours this weekend. I really got inspired from some talented stampers. If you are returning, welcome! I'm glad you joined us for this FREE give away. Okay...this is what you need to do. Leave me a comment on this post and tell me (2) things.
1) What did you like most about the Blog Tour?
2) What things/items inspire you most when you look at blogs?
If you do that your name will be entered into the drawing for the Blog Candy give away! You can post now through Friday night, and a winner will be chosen & announced Saturday.


Jean from jlfstudio said...

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for sharing the inspiration on the blog tour and here on your blog in general. I've been having fun checking out your archives and learning a lot from your scrapbooking entries.

1)best thing about the tour was meeting new bloggers I'd never seen before (got me out of my rut)and getting fresh perspectives on favorite stamp sets.

2)I find Big Shot related projects fun and inspiring but in general it's bloggers different takes on techniques, layouts and tutorials that inspire me. Love the tutorials and video's. They really help me grow my own skills. Originality or a new spin is always fun though it never hurts to see a favorite technique repeated in different color combinations.

Hugs and blessings and thanks for the awesome candy and the chance to participate. - Jean

L'Hélène said...

I missed the tour! :-( But I'm looking at the entries below and I thought that using a bird stamp to create a whale was genius!

Because I'm new at scrapbooking and mixed media, what I like most about reading blogs is seeing new techniques and products. Sometimes, a tiny element in a page will catch my eye and inspire something else entirely.

Thanks for this generous candy!

Stampndragon said...

Thanks for all the hard work you and the other girls put into these blog tours...they are so much fun.
1. the best thing is seeing so many different sets and/or products used and getting new ideas.
2. I love seeing and learning new techniques...and blogs are a great sourse for getting new layout ideas and color combinations.

Keep up the good work.
Cindy Ferenz

Julie Temple said...

Thanks so much for sharing your talents in the Blog Hop and Daily!
I TOTALLY enjoyed the blog hop basically because it was ALL SU!! I check out blogs for ideas, inspiration and to ooo and ahhh at everyone's talents!! Thanks for the chance!!


Alicia said...

The think I liked best about the Blog Tour was becoming acquainted with blogger/stampers that I hadn't seen before! Many of them are now bookmarked so I can visit and gain inspiraton often!
The thing never get tired of is seeing so many ideas using SU products. Many ideas use stamp sets that I have plus dsp and embellishments that I already have and it gives me lots of new ways to use my produts. That's what I would love to see more of!
Thanks so much!

G W said...

Hi Kendra! Awesome contribution to the tour. The best thing about this tour was all the ideas I got from it. Everyone was so creative and it was amazing =) Things that inspire me the most are techniques. I always love looking at new techniques and trying them out myself. Keep up the great work and thanks for doing this giveaway !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kendra-

The thing I like most about the blog tours is seeing what others have done with certain stamp sets.

There are so many different things that inspire me, but actually seeing what others make and meeting new people is what makes it fun for me.

Thanks for sharing your creations and for the chance to win:)

Gina said...

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas and for the chance to win.
1. the thing I liked most about the blog tour was the sheer number of blogs we could visit along the way. Amazing
2.3-D projects are the most inspiring to me. They require so much creativity and originality

jmniffer said...

Hi Kendra,

1. I liked finding new bloggers to add to my list as well as seeing all the examples with current SU products.

2.I like finding 3D treat projects best as well as tutorials on new card folds/techniques.

Thanks for sharing your creativity and thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy. jmniffer

A Touch of SOL said...

Thank you for being a part of the May Tours...Looking forward to you signing up for the July Tours. The best thing about this tour was that it was two days. So it gave me a chance to sit back and relax and really enjoy everyones art. What inspires me about other blogs is their creations and how they can think outside of the box. This has enabled me to become a better creator of my own works of art!

Anonymous said...

These blog tours have been an excellent source of ideas for me!
1)What I like most about the tour- being introduced to blogs I didn't know about and passing on tour info to friends who stamp- sharing great ideas with them so easily!
2)what inspires me on blogs-the tutorials and videos! I am amazed by the professional work and wealth of sharing these demos can do- wish I lived closer to many of you!!
Thanks for sharing, and offering the generous blog candy! I'll be back to visit often!


TABray said...

Hi, Kendra. First, thanks for being in the blog tour. It was FABULOUS!

1. I love the opportunity to find more blogs and see all the great SU! products in use.

2. I thnk that the color combos and layouts inspire me the most. It really gets my mojo going. I love finding new color combos that I had never thought of putting together.

Hope you're in the next tour! Thanks for a chance to win some great blog candy!


Brandy said...

The blog tour was awesome! I think my favorite thing is looking at new lay outs, techniques and colors people put together. But, that is also what inspires me to go create! There's nothing like a good technique, color combo or layout to spice up a card or to bring you out of a slump when your mojo is failing you!

I really do love this new set, can't wait to get my own!

brandyc at tampabay dot rr dot com