Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now that National Scrapbook Month is over, the focus on scrapbooking has taken a backseat to last chance items. I thought I would highlight a few June Scrapbooking ideas with you! Let's start with the obvious ones first, everyone knows June as Dads and Grads month, keeping that in mind, here are a few ideas for you to scrapbook around these topics.

Grads* If your child is graduating this month, how do YOU feel about it? Scrapbook and journal your feelings about your little one becoming a graduate.

* College Graduate? How about scrapbooking some childhood photos of your child and their childhood dreams of what they wanted to be when they grew up and compare that to what they studied or will study in college.

* Did your child follow in the family footsteps? Did they start off on a brand new path of their own, scrapbook and jounal about their path, how do you feel about it?

Dads* Get your husband to play along if he will, how does he feel about being a dad? New Dad? Have him journal about his feelings on fatherhood and scrapbook it for your him and your kids.

* Is your hubby a great dad? Journal about it, consider comparing and contrasting him with your dad, or his.

* Scrapbook a photo of you and your dad, when you were younger, write a letter telling your dad how you idolized him when you were a young girl, or boy.

* Is your dad still an important part of your life, journal about it.

Here are some other ideas to get you started on your June Pages...

* The school year has come to a close for most kids this month, what are your kids going to do with their summer vacations

* How do you feel about school being out for the summer (My Poor House!)

* Do you remember how you felt when you left school on the last day of the school year?

* Scrapbook those report cards and end of year certificates.

* What are your plans for the summer?

* Are your kids playing baseball? On swim team or in swimming lessons? Make sure to document those great team photos.

* How about sports camps?

* Is your teen getting his/her first job this summer?

* What was your first summer job?

* Consider journaling/scrapbooking about your summer's as a kid, how did you spend your time? I bet you went outside and played kick the can or flashlight tag or something other than video games! Scrapbook a page about the old days and how you spent your summer vacations.

* June is National Iced Tea month, what is your favorite summertime refreshment?

* Remember those lemonade stands we did when we were kids, get your kids in on the fun, it will teach them about money and give you great photo ops!

* What is growing in your garden right now?

* Do you eat outside in the summer?

* Scrapbook about your summer family traditions or vacations.

* Is your little one outside catching fire flies, what a great scrapbook opportunity!

* Summer school??? Your teenager will love that you scrapbooked about that someday!

* Yummy strawberries are in season, I love strawberry shortcake, oh and fresh corn on the cob, what are your summer guilty pleasures?

* Is the ice cream man coming around again? My kids and I take an annual last day of the school year trip to the local Rita's shop for shaved ice, dont forget to document the little things.

Ihope you find these ideas helpful in getting your scrapbook pagesdone this month!!
Thanks to Angi Anderson from SUDSOL for this article!