Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scrapbook Basics!

How Much Room Do I Need
by LeNae Gerig

When you first start scrapbooking, all you’ll need is a flat workspace and a few drawers to store your things. Eventually, you’ll grow, though—many scrappers started out with a small nook in the dining room, gradually took over the dining room table and soon ended up with their own craft room!

I found 12”x12” stacked drawers on rolling wheels at Target. I can roll it into a closet easily. I also have a 2’x3’ piece of wood that I place on the floor or table in our family room so I can scrapbook while my husband and our three-year-old daughter Lauren watch television. (Yes, even though I have a 6’ table and shelves in my guest room I still end up on the floor watching TV while I scrapbook!) I can then slide the board under the bed when I’m done for the day and leave my project intact.

It’s important that you have the space to spread out while scrapbooking. If you are in a small apartment or simply don’t have the space, you may consider scrapbooking at a store. Ask about “table time”, which is when you can rent a table in the store for a few dollars and stay for a few hours; often the store will also let you use their tools.

If you have kids, I caution you: Scrapbooking supplies, especially stickers, are very tempting to kids! Also, do be aware of leaving sharp tools and scissors lying around. Many parents I know have a special box for the kids to scrapbook or play with while they’re working. I give Lauren paper, kids’ safety scissors, glue sticks and extra stickers or punched shapes to do her projects with. She loves it and will work quietly for thirty minutes at a time before she needs a break.

My kids were young when I started scrapbooking. Jessica always wanted to use my stuff, and often would when I wasn't looking. So we made both her and Jake a small box with their scrapbooking supplies. This worked out GREAT and kept them out of my more expensive supplies!
Good Luck!

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