Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrapbook Basics!

Scrapbooks without journaling are just pretty photo albums. While the famous quote says that a picture is worth a thousand words, in your scrapbooks pictures can only be counted on to tell part of the story. Do you have trouble including journaling on your scrapbook pages? Perhaps you need to try a different style of journaling to get your writing jump-started. Choose one of these five ideas for the journaling on your next scrapbook page layout.
1. The Basic Five W's -
Who, what, when, where, and why or the “Just the facts, Ma’am” style of journaling is the most comfortable style for most scrapbookers. What this style lacks in emotion it usually makes up for in details. If this is the style that you use most often, you may want to try another style to add some additional depth to your scrapbooks.
2. List or Bullet Point Journaling -
Quick ideas and details can be added to your pages using bullet points or numbered journaling. You can use this style to add several, short thoughts to your layouts. You can do a "My Favorite Things" list or a Top Ten list. Lists also work well for numbered journaling that goes with numbered photos on a layout.
3. Quotes, Poems, & Song Lyrics -
Some of the best words for your scrapbook pages do not have to be original. Quotes, words from songs, and poems all can be used to add feeling to your journaling.
4. Letter Writing Journaling -
Start with the word “dear” and end with “Love, Mom” and you have letter writing journaling. You can use this to add little notes that will be treasured by your children as they look through your albums in the future.
5. Thoughts & Feelings -
Rather than just telling your reader about the facts in the photos, this style of journaling tells them what the people in the photos were feeling, or your own thoughts as you look at the photos. Use this style as an opportunity to include emotions that can sometimes be lacking with other types of journaling.