Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scrapbook Basics!

Don’t forget garage sales for budget scrapbooking

Great deals on scrapbooking products can be found in a lot of non-scrapbooking stores, in bargain and clearance sections, at close-out stores like Big Lots, in dollar stores, and big box stores like Target. These stores get a lot of attention, and tips for great buys are passed from scrapbook friend to scrapbook friend like wildfire. One bargain bin not to forget, however, is a garage sale.

If you find a crafter’s garage sale, you could be in for a treat. Everything from patterned paper and embellishments to tools and rubber stamps could be waiting for you. It’s possible that you will find used tools, partial scrapbook kits, half-sheets of scrapbook paper, and previously-loved tools, but if you’re careful that the items are in good working order, you can get them for a steal.

Also keep an eye out for vintage clothing and sewing items. Buttons, ribbons and trim, pins and old tags and labels make terrific embellishments. Vintage items like these could lend a great authenticity to heritage scrapbooking. If you like Jenni Bowlin’s style, garage sales could be the place for you. Their trash will definitely be your treasure.

Many garage sale ads will specify if craft and sewing items are available, so check the newspaper and Craig’s List ads for a possible treasure trove.

Thanks to Tracey Rhodes from the Des Moines Scrapbooking Examiner for the Articles we've learned from this month!