Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Digital Studio Project Share...

A card and two pages to share with you today. I am really excited about sharing the pages with you because on Sunday my baby sister, Katie, had her first child...a healthy baby boy named Trey. So I am a proud auntie again and wanted to share some beautiful pictures of him.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek - Kendra

This card was made from scratch in under 15 minutes.

This page was made from scratch in about 25 minutes.

This was a "Pre-Made" page which means I just dragged and dropped photos into the design, and added personalized text where it told me to - 5 minute page!

You too can create wonderful memories and art using My Digital Studio. This program is not like our competetors where you have to buy the program and then pay for downloads. After purchasing the My Digital Studio program for $ can sit down at your laptop or computer and start creating using over 1500 images that are immediately available to you. This is a TERRIFIC FATHER'S DAY GIFT! If your husband, dad, or brother are into photography...they will LOVE this program.