Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's Technique, Tool, or Tutorial...

Well I finally got the time to make this tutorial for you! A lot of you have been asking how I made those Pansies...so thanks so much for your patience. But I have to apologize right off the bat...because some of my photos are not so great (wrong setting) - SORRY!
Click any photo to enlarge it for your viewing.
You will need the following items for this project:
Butterfly Punch, White Card Stock, Aqua Painter, Water Spritz Bottle, Re-Inkers in your color choice, Painters Palette or something similar, Stampin' Scrub or something that will absorb water and excess ink. Paper Piercer, Black Brad, Black Permanent Marker, and optional item * Vanilla Smooch Spritz (In the Summer Mini Catalog)

1. Punch (2) Butterflies from the Butterfly Punch and lay on the Stampin' Scrub.

2. Put one drop of your (3) re-inker colors in your palette.

3. Use your water bottle and spritz your butterflies.

4. Start with your lightest color and with your Aqua Painter, pick up some of that ink...then drop it onto your butterflies in the center by squeezing your Aqua Painter.

5. Next take your middle re-inker color and in the same way...drop it onto your butterflies. If your butterflies do not pool the color...at anytime you can re-moisten them by spritzing them again with your water bottle.

6. Finish using your darkest and last re-inker color in the same manor.

7. Scrunch your butterflies with your fingers a bit just to form the petals, but be careful not to rip or tear them. Then let them dry. You can speed up the process by using a heat tool, but some of your scrunching may come undone.

8. OPTIONAL STEP: After they have time to dry...spritz with Vanilla Smooch Spritz.

9. With a Black Marker make lines at the center of your butterflies. Then re-scrunch your butterflies with your fingers if they need it.
10. Layer both on top of each other and then poke with piercer.

11. Put a black brad in the center. Re-scrunch your petals if needed.

12. Place on a card, page, or project!
These are so fun and use the technique called "Floating Re-Inkers". Practice and have fun making these beautiful flowers. You can go HERE if you'd like to see the card I made my beautiful mom & Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating - Kendra