Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Spotlight...

So have you been able to put down your catalogs yet?
I think I looked at mine for hours the first day I got it in my hands. The day it arrived I sat down at the table with it so EXCITED and full of anticipation. I just sat there looking at the cover when my daughter caught my attention and said...
"Mom, are you going to open it up? You've only been looking at the cover for 10 minutes now!" That's how excited I was and IMPRESSED with the new catalog - I couldn't even get past the COVER ART WORK!
My SPOTLIGHT today is on the beautiful artwork and samples that are through out the catalog. What a great tool for us to be able to refer to and get ideas from. My new BLOG Background was inspired by one of the cards on page 192 of the new catalog. How does the artwork in the new catalog inspire you?