Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Many of you have already been able to enjoy the new look of the blog. A huge thanks to Michelle Laycock for her wonderful talent of creating something so beautiful. This look is actually inspired & created from one of the cards in the new catalog. I have been wanting a change for awhile now and have admired Michelle's work for some years now, so I finally got around to making the change.
I am still on vacation...as we are winding up our visits and reunions. We are headed to my sister's today in South Jordan, Utah and she's having a baby tomorrow. I'm so glad for the timing and that we will be there for this great occasion. We will also be able to meet up with my parents tonight at her place which will be wonderful to see them. It's so exciting to have another addition join our family!
I hope your enjoying your summer and taking some creative time to craft and play!
I appreciate your patience with some of the automatically post I set up for while I was away and didn't have computer access...I appologize for any mess up's and distortion in pictures or text. Thanks for hanging in there!