Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SO...where have I been???

So I had a GREAT Thanksgiving...then didn't feel well by the weekend. Went to church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving with my family and passed out and stopped breathing. Went by ambulance to the hospital and spent 6 VERY LONG days, with lots of tests and medicine, finally they found out that my stomach does not contract so the food just sits there and causes a bacteria infection, and my gall bladder also needed to be removed. Not exactly what I had planned for that weekend and it actually set me back quite a bit with being in the hospital and also having to recover at much so, I didn't even get homemade Christmas cards sent this year! But we did take a family photo (below) one day after church so that I could use it in a New Years letter...which is STILL not done:-(
The ONLY good thing to come out of this whole ordeal is that I've lost 24 lbs since surgery - yeah!
I was able to "Play" a little during December and thought I'd share a few pics with you...better late than never right?!
Check back tomorrow to see the gift that I made for our demonstrator Christmas party (a BIG shout out of THANKS to Mary Fish for stepping in to hostess the party at the last minute for me!) I also have pictures of the other gifts that were swapped and made by some VERY creative demos.



Happy New Year Kendra and welcome back, sorry to hear you had all that trouble hope you are feeling better now, hugs xxx