Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've needed to have a few gifts for giving and came up with these.
I thought I'd share them with you to help give you a few ideas.
The first are some necklaces I purchased from PICK YOUR PLUM and then used our DSP and a rhinestone and covered it all with crystal effects. Then packaged them up.
The second was a hair barrett using our Twitterpated Designer Fabric and rolled it and then hot glued it to a barrett...and finally added a cute tag to the bottom.
So think of your paper crafting supplies the next time you need to make a gift - and let the recipiant know you really care because you made it especially for them!


Elaine said...

Kendra how gorgeous are these, you know how love flowers and love to make them , yours are sensational and so clever to put them onto slides.
Well done Hugs Elaine