Monday, July 23, 2012

Final Day of Convention...

Here are some more Convention pictures for you. I took these on the last day (Saturday) and it was sad that everything was coming to an end. On the other hand...I had learned SO MUCH from the classes & presentations, that I was on scensory overload. I'm excited to put the things I learned into my crafting, into my business, and to share what I LOVE so much with others!
 Shannon West presenting...
 She is such a HOOT!
 Main Stage
 Shelli & Sara one last time...
 ...oh, and Rich is in the box!
 It's a RICHTAR predictor...
 In order to find out where the 2014 Incentive Trip was...they had to put MANY stamps into the RICHTAR.
 I believe that it was announced that it's a Global Grand Getaway Cruise to the Western Caribbean...but I could be wrong...I was getting a phone call at the time :-(
 Linda W. won a prize patrol!
 Her goodies.
 Sara Douglas did a presentation on "Preserving"...she used jars, canning jars, boxes & more jars!
 Carry Cudney came out playing the bagpipes with her brother and she (they) did an amazing job. She also had a WONDERFUL presentation on FLOWERS, FLOWERS, & even more FLOWERS!
 The last general session was just about to end when they did one last prize patrol and...
My mom WON! She was excited and I was SUPER EXCITED for her. It was a great (4) days and I especially enjoyed sharing them with my mom - THANKS mom...I LOVE YOU!


Elaine said...

How nice to have shared such a great time with your mum well done to your Mum for her win , fab photo's too hugs Elaine