Friday, February 15, 2008


Here are a few fun ideas for the next time your looking for something to create, a birthday or thank you gift, a get well, or a just because I care and am thinking of you gift. These are the gifts I made for a bridal shower. I was in charge of the games & prizes and wanted the ladies at this baby shower to have fun and play the games. You know how it is when you go to these types of parties...we've played the game in some form or fashion before. So to get all the ladies interested in playing and making it nice for the Mom-To-Be, I wanted to make prizes they wanted to win! So the next time your planning a shower, birthday, or thank you gift...try one of these ideas.

This was a wood cut out purchased at a craft store. I applied a scrapbook paper with adhesive, cut out around the image, filed/sanded down the sides, applied a rub on thought, added ribbons and a hanging charm. Then you have a cute shelf decoration.

This was a purchased wood block that came painted and had the ribbon in it already. I just simply added the Stampin' Up! Rub on's to match the ribbon to make a cute wall hanging.

This was a candle and glass holder I purchased at Walmart. I added a ribbon around the candle and Stampin' Up! Rub On's to the glass votive holder. I thought it would be difficult at first to use the rub on's on something that had curves. But I was really impressed with our Rub On's and how easy they were to apply. This one says - Friendship and has some swirls and flowers. They added just the right amount to make a nice gift extra special!

I'm really sorry about this picture being sideways. I can't get it to go the other direction and I really want to add this one for you all. This is a steno pad I also bought at walmart. I applied decorative scrapbook cardstock to the front of the pad (I also used our Stampin' Up! Spiral punch to help glide the paper through the spiral binding on top) Then I cut matching pieces of ribbons and tied through the spiral rings to add some flare. Next I added a "Grocery list" tag and some silk flowers. After evrything was done on the front - I applied strips of Magnet to the backside so this gift could find a home on the winners refrigerator. It makes a great gift!
So the next time your looking for a gift idea...try one of these!