Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Stampin' Up! is offering their starter kit in (3) easy monthly payments of $66.34 thru the end of April. The kit is full of everything you need to get your business or hobby off the ground at your own pace. It is valued at $335.00 - so don't delay! Take advantage of this offer today. Contact me and we'll get you on your way. .. I'd love to have you as part of my team!!!

Make sure to call or email me so we can get together to fill out the paper work to get your (3) easy monthly payments. Or if you want to just sign up online check out this link and you will need my password: SCRAPMOM

*but remember - in order to get the (3) easy monthly payments, paper work must be filled out and mailed in - so call me today we can overnight the paperwork!

skjj4richardson@msn.com or call me @ (520) 744-2537. Need more information...try this link.

10 Reasons to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

  1. NEVER pay full Price for SU! merchandise! Enjoy this benefit as you start to grow your personal supply of items. Also, during certain promotions, SU! holds Pre- orders so you can get items in your hands before anyone else.
  2. Earn FREE Products! What can be better than earning FREE merchandise? You can earn product based on sales, recruiting, and even for entering contests or being published. Also, every quarter, you earn "Great Rewards Points" based on your sales. You can redeem these points at the end of every quarter, or accumulate them during the year and get something really Big!
  3. Make money doing what you enjoy! By doing workshops in other people's homes, holding clubs, stamp camps, classes, or just selling to your friends and family members...you will make 20% of your total sales!
  4. Get a Tax break for starting your own business. Write off those lunch dates when you discuss SU! business. Write off your equipment, supplies, and stamps!
  5. Receive a monthly magazine from SU!. Every month Su! Demonstrators receive a magazine in the mail called "Stamping Success". In it are so many valuable resources and ideas for growing your business, being the best demonstrator, product information, contests, ideas for workshops, and articles that will help you through every aspect of your business whether your just a hobbyist stamper or a dedicated business woman!
  6. Network with other demonstrators. Su! provides excellent training, tips, and advice on their demonstrator website. The day you sign up as a demonstrator, you receive immediate access to this site. It is filled with so many patterns, templates, ideas, workshop planners, daily updates, details on promotions, a stamper’s gallery where projects can be viewed, and SO MUCH MORE! The Su! demonstrator website is filled with everything you need to make your business a success!
  7. Be recognized for your stamping talent! SU! holds many contests each month and special ones through out the year. Enter as many as you like and possibly even be published in the Stampin’ Success magazine, have your art work displayed at Convention, regionals, and leadership training sessions. SU! also gives away prizes for those who become published in other publications. I received a gift certificate for $100.00 for SU! merchandise for entering a card.
  8. Start slow & easy OR fast & furious! The nice thing about SU! is that you get to run your business on yours and your families time schedule. You set the pace and take the steps to build your business the way you want to. But never forget that SU! and myself, is there 110% behind you to help, assist, train, support, and root you on your way to achieving your goals.
  9. Attend Demonstrator Meetings once a month. This is a great way to get ideas, learn new techniques, and network with other demonstrators. If you are located in Vail, Tucson, Marana, or Sierra Vista, there is a meeting for you! “Southwest Demonstrators” meet the second Tuesday of every month and we rotate the location of the meeting by having volunteers sign up to host it in their homes. We meet at 7 pm and we get current updates, promotion information, and SU! business news. We watch a demonstration and also participate in a Make-N-Take project. And for those demonstrators who are interested, there is a “Card Swap”. This is a great way to build your card displays! If you are thinking about becoming a demonstrator , but would like to come to a meeting first and see what it’s all about - call me and we’ll go together!
  10. And last but not least...you have a friend in me! I am here for you in so many ways. I will help you grow your business in ways you’d like, give advice, train and assist you, support and root you on, help you set goals, help you meet other demonstrators and make new friends. I will also provide you with ideas and help you when you need it. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and your stamping partner!
    So what are you waiting for? Right now is the best time to join the Stampin’ Up! family. The demonstrator kit is valued at $335.00. But right now there is a discount and you can sign up for $169.00! Starting a business for under $200.00 - that’s unheard of these days, and especially with the way the economy is right now, there is NO better way to help supplement your income while doing something that you enjoy & love! If you still are questioning whether this is something for you...take a look at the descriptions below. They may help you understand that there are many type of demonstrators out there!

    Stampin’ Up! needs all types of Demonstrators!
    What kind of demonstrator would you be?
    DISCOUNT DEMONSTRATOR: Likes the idea of buying stamps for personal use at a discount and will occasionally get orders from friends and family and share her discount or make a little bit of money she can turn around and buy more supplies with.
    HOBBYIST DEMONSTRATOR: Loves to stamp and create. Enjoys being around other people that are crafty. Enjoys doing workshops, or holding classes, or clubs, and likes meeting new people, earning money while doing it, but only when it’s convenient for you, helps you, or fits into your schedule. You really like Stampin’ Up’s merchandise and would like to start collecting a lot of items for your own personal use!
    SHORT-TERM DEMONSTRATOR: Sells for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money needed or supplement the families income for awhile until a goal is reached, or circumstances are better.
    SEASONAL DEMONSTRATOR: Works hard at the business during September, October, and November doing workshops, classes or clubs for seasonal money and maintains minimum sales during the rest of the year. . Or holds classes once a month for Seasonal/Holiday Ideas for her customers, family, and friends so she can get supplies at discounts and have the opportunity for Pre-Order and bulk specialty items.
    STAY AT HOME MOM (or Dad) DEMONSTRATOR: Wants to be a business owner who can work from home and still take care of their family, set their own hours, be flexible, and enjoy the benefits from being a business owner and make some extra money, but can still be a full time parent . If you can think of (5) friends that you can form a group with (think other stay at home moms who may need an outlet for their creative endeavors) and they can commit to spending $30.00 a month on SU! merchandise, and they would enjoy seeing a demonstration and making items, then this is for you!
    CAREER DEMONSTRATOR: Views Stampin’ Up! as a viable business with long term career potential; pursues management and wants to move up the career ladder; regularly attends Stampin’ Up! events, and has developed close relationships with other demonstrators; works at her business in a consistent manner; achieves monetary awards and FREE merchandise for her efforts; is recognized at convention; loves meeting new people and is not afraid to approach someone about her business.

I started as a Discount Demonstrator, only wanting to get the discount on the items I wanted and sharing the discount with my mom and sisters. Then when my husband lost his job I would have been classified between a Short Term and a Hobbyist Demonstrator. Because I loved what I enjoyed as a hobby, I started sharing it with my friends to help my families monetary challenges. When our circumstances got better, I found that I truly LOVED what I did and sharing my passion for creating works of art with others...and I became more of a Stay at Home Demonstrator, earning extra money that I could spend on pedicures, trips, lunches out with my friends, etc. Then the last year or so, realizing my kids were older and didn’t require me as much, I felt the need to pursue the Career Demonstrator. I started out slowly with this endeavor, but have enjoyed the process and rewards. It also comes in handy when you have a child going off to college in the Fall! I love attending conventions and getting rejuvenated with new ideas, seeing new products before they are even out on the market, meeting other demonstrators from all around the world, and simply creating works of art from the heart, and touching someone‘s life by just sending a homemade card in the mail!
As you can see by my story, I have experience being five out of the six types of demonstrators above! I’d love to give you more details and information on how I created a viable business from just starting slow and setting goals!
Do you have questions about being a demonstrator? I’d love to meet one on one with you and answer all your questions. I LOVE being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I love networking with my friends that are demonstrators and getting together to work on projects, sharing ideas with one another, and just being there for each other. I’d LOVE it if you would be a member of my team and join the SU! family, so if your interested or just thinking about - let me know and I’ll give you a packet and a DVD you can watch to learn more!
Thanks for letting me share my story with you & Happy Stamping!


Amber Meadows said...

Hi Kendra - I got your comment on my blog - thank you so much, you made me feel like a million bucks! Please feel free to use the Classified Board in your ward - it's been a lot of fun for us! I just set ours up in the Relief Society room before church starts so that people can put up their ads in between meetings.