Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tool or Technique...

Our Tuesday tool and technique. I look at Markers being both a tool and a technique depending on how you use them. I LOVE my marker set, and use them ALL the time! There are some stamps sets thatjust look better when you use them with markers.

This card uses markers on the stamps. I also cut out and layered the stamps for a different look and used different colors (the elephants ear & lions mane) to make them pop off the card. This is the Wild About You set and the Inspired By Nature set.

This set "Cheep Talk" became one of my favorites very quickly! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this set. This card I found while blog surfing a while back and for the life of me when I went back to find it I couldn't! I wish to give the origional card designer the credit - because it's such a wonderful, simple design that I loved. It makes a very sweet card. PLEASE let me know if it's your creation so I can give you credit!!! What I like about using the markers here is...that they go from a tool to technique when you add contrast with darker colors. As you can see on the leaves, branches, and birds, is that I first used a lighter marker and then gave subtle highlights with a darker marker. It really makes the stamped image stand out when you highlight it in this fashion.

Markers seem like a costly investment - but they are just that...an investment. Our markers last for a long time. They are dual tipped so that you can journal and have the brush tip for coloring in stamps. I have a SU! marker set that still works after almost 8 years. Markers offer versitility with your stamp sets and it's easy to omit something and change the whole look of your image. So pull your markers out and try using them this week on a card or page!

Want a set of Markers - but don't want to spend that much at one time? Join our marker club. Get a set of markers each month and everyone takes a turn getting the case too! Call me for details.

Happy Stamping,