Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scrapbook Progress...

Just an update on my progress with my scrapbooking goal. For those of you who didn't see the post on the 1st of May...I set a goal since it's National Scrapbook Month. My personal goal is to get (10) pages done in the month. May and December are always hectic at our house! How about yours? With a high school graduation, out of town family, extra classes scheduled, a scout camp out to the Black River, going out of town, two weddings,etc... it can get really hectic! So that's my goal - (10) pages and I've completed (3). YEAH!

This page is a favorite - only because the pictures are from 1973 when my family went camping. I was only five then, but I love the pictures of my mom and brothers!

I have SO many soccer pictures from over the twelve years Jake has been playing soccer! I just haven't gotten around to scrapbooking them yet.
I came across these and they are some of my favorites because Scott coached Jake's team with our friend, Steve Kaplan. The boys had a great time... and the coaches had a winning season!

These are some fun pictures. They are from 1996. Jessica had started Kindergarten and during the spring, came down with the Chicken Pox. A few weeks later Jake had them and it just happened to be during Easter. So it's fun to be able to scrapbook both on one page!
My thoughts for this page were to cut strips and use them in some way...but I found myself weaving them and tacking them down as I went along. Kind of a different page element, but I like the way it turned out!

Have you set a goal for scrapbooking this month? There are 16 day's leftin the month - so join me as we go thru out the month...even if you only do a few pages - that's an accomplishment!