Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scrapbook Update...

So just a quick update on my scrapbooking goal. I did make some progress this week and cheated a little! I have been sick again, so some of the pages I made way back yonder, but had never put pictures on them. So I used a couple of pre-made layouts. I did get enough energy to make a few new ones too!

So the page to the left is one I made to show off my daughters HS Graduation announcement and party invite. The page to the right is one I did using some of her photos from her Senior photo shoot with my friend, Summer Driggs. She is an amazing and very talented individual - we just loved her pictures and designs. She also did Jessica's announcements and invites. THANKS SUMMER!

My mom, sister Kari, and two of her children came down from Utah and Idaho for Jessica's graduation. We thought it would be fun to have a "Girls" lunch out. We just had to change the name to "Girls & Logans Lunch Out". Logan, my sister's son, gave me a funny look when I called it a girls lunch. We had fun catching up and it was a great way to get Jessica to relax a little. We took her to her favorite place - Mimi's Cafe!

This page features photos from her Grad Night. The HS puts on a grad night for all seniors following the graduation ceremony. They treat the kids to a sit down dinner, and lots of enterainment like; casino games, a hypnotist, a magician, making their own music videos, beading necklaces, getting manicures and their hair done, airbrushed tattoos, lots of snacks, jumping castles and fun games all night long.

This page features some pictures from her senior year with friends.

This page is done with just one picture and was designed to be like a bakery store front.

A page with friends pictures for her to reflect back on. Jessica just picked up some more photos for me and I have so many more pictures I need to scrap book now. I'm on a roll now. I reached my goal of 10 pages this month actually getting scrapbooked! If I had been feeling well, I would have done more, but I'm happy I reached my goal. I hope if you set a goal this month, that you too accomplished it and had fun scrapbooking those memories for your family!