Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Scrapbook Basics!

Whether you just started scrapbooking, are a seasoned pro or just considering the hobby, sometimes, we all need a little mojo, a few ideas to get us started.There are many different ways to organize your scrapbooks. You can create themed scrapbooks, chronological scrapbooks or event scrapbooks.I use all three organizational methods in my scrapbooking. For example, my children each have a baby book, a sports scrapbook and a school years scrapbook. These are examples of themed albums, the entire album is related to s single theme, perhaps over several years. We have a Christmas album and an album which documents Halloween costumes through the years. I even have an event scrapbook which catalogs all of the roller coasters I have ever been on (using ad photos from the internet or brochures). When you get addicted to scrapbooking, you will scrap almost anything, trust me!I use chronological scrapbooking to make a single-family album for each year. All the non-Holiday events go in this scrapbook, birthdays, trips to the park, amusement parks etc. There is no rhythm to these books other than they are in order of the way they happened and sometimes, just the order I scrapbooked them. There is no need to start from the beginning, start with today and when you have time and feel the mojo, or remember a story you want to tell, go back and add the pictures and stories from the past.Event albums are similar to themed albums. I call it an event album when Its not likely to be repeated. For example an Album from a two-week vacation, what we did, where we went, who we were with, etc. It's not likely I will repeat these albums, another similar event will likely lead to another, individual scrapbook.So, start looking through your pictures and get an idea for what story you want to tell.If looking through your pictures doesn't help you get started, think about why you want to scrapbook. Do you want to scrap to remember? Do you want to tell a story? Are you creating a gift book for someone? How about a calendar, with a picture of your child during each season..Some really simple things to start with: Baby's first yearSchool Years SportsVacations Holidays Traditions Friends Concerts you attended Tribute album to your favorite relative.What story do you want to tell? Who do you want to tell it to? If you still cant find a picture to stir up inspiration, start by telling the story. Try journaling on 3x5 index cards and find a photo to go with the story later. The important thing to remember is there are no rules or deadlines.I hope this article starts your creative juices flowing!
Thanks to Angi Anderson, SUDSOL Scrap101 Coordinator!