Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scrapbook Basics!

10 Reasons To Use Stamping In Your Scrapbooks -Stamping isn't just for cards anymore!!! Give stamps a try with your next scrapbook project. "Scramping" is fun and rewarding!

  • You can create your own style. Stamps are never limiting and each image can have many different looks

  • You can choose the colors of ink to coordinate with your photos and background paper.

  • Stamps add dimension to your scrapbook pages. Subtle background techniques accent pictures and fill in blanks.

  • You can coordinate stamped invitations, party favors, decorations, etc for an event, then use the same colors and images when you scrapbook the event.

  • Stamps offer more versatility, there are more to choose from and they don't run out!

  • A sticker can only be used once but a stamp will offer a lifetime of images!

  • Stamped images do not visually compete with your photos which is the focal point of the page.

  • You will actually save money by stamping instead of buying stickers!

  • You can use your stamps on other craft projects so they do double duty!

  • "Scramping" is simply too much fun!