Friday, June 19, 2009


Welcome to my stamp room! Instead of having a "Stamp Set Spotlight" today...I thought I'd spotlight my stamping area and share it with you.

So I took these pictures back in April and have been procrastinating in posting them. Several people have asked me thru emails or comments about my stamping room. I actually am really lucky to have a room that is all mine. I haven't always had a space of my own. I started out with a few drawers in my kitchen and put my projects on cookie sheets. Later we had a big enough bredroom that I moved my stuff in there...but that wasn't such a great idea for my late night stamp cravings. My hubby can sleep almost thru anything, but not a heat tool at 2 am in the morning!!!

As I enter my room I have board of metal flashing that I bought pre-cut at Home Depo. I then used my Crop-A-Dile and made holes in both sides to run ribbon thru the hoes and under and over the door & tied them off. It is here I switch out my swap cards and items that inspire me every couple of months.

I love to be able to go in there and create projects, pages, and cards. Stamping is a source of relaxation for me and I love it!!! So welcome to my craft room.

I have a desk that I sit at to create or plan my projects. To my left is all my ink pads, re-inkers, and a basket with ideas from blog surfing print outs, to magazines, or fellow demonstrators ideas from swaps. Also on the cart to the left of my desk, I keep extra paper cutters & my circle cutter in the red bins, and my cricket machine on the bottom shelf and all my cartriges for that in another red bin.

This is what I see in front of my desk. Inspirational ideas, lots of messy storage bins (but I know where everything is at...on most day's!), and my tv/vcr which is a dinosaur and on it's last leg. My favorite thing to watch when I stamp is "You've Got Mail".

This is my paper storage. I actually am hoping to get another one so I can have all my paper in one area. It is behind my desk and just to my left so I can reach out and grab what I need.

Next to my paper storage is my current stamp sets (on top of table). Below the table is my project supplies. I look for things on sale when I shop...especially the dollar store, and targets $1.00 bins. They actually have some great stuff! Then I hoarde them away!

To the right of my desk I have all my punches within arms reach. These are just on curtain rods that I purchased at Target in-expensive, but they are efficiant! They actually extend, and over the past few months I had to extend them for all my newest punches. I'm only (6) away from having them all. YIPEE! I LOVE my punches.

This is a partial shot of my bookcases behind my desk. I store business supplies, have more paper storage, magazine subscription storage, books, jars full of ribbons, and lots of accessories.
Against the wall, under my punches in the white (3) drawer bin...this is where I keep all my CS scraps. Top drawer is for Nuetrals and In-Colors, second drawer is for Soft Subtles and Bold Brights, and the third drawer is for Earth Elements and Rich Regals. I don't keep any scraps under a 2" square size. The black bin is where I store all my projects I'm going to demonstrate at my monthly clubs and workshops!

Well this concludes the tour of my stamping santuary. I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas to inspire you in your space! No matter how big or small your space is...make sure to create an enviroment you can thrive & function in. Make your own sanctuary!



Judy Rozema said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you are so organized! I am glad to hear about the new catty and how much you like it!

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