Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tool or Technique...

Today I wanted to talk about two of my most favorite stamping tools...the Mat Pack & Paper Piercing Tool.
I use both of these almost everytime I sit down to create. The Paper Piercing Tool is handy to create holes for brads, eyelets, and to pierce your papers for an added element to your projects. I use the mat pack to make sure my piercing lines are straight & to make sure my eyelets are centered. These are two tools I know that I couldn't do without!

Check out the projects below to see paper piercing.

Mat Pack
Punch holes and set eyelets on a mat to protect your tabletops. With the Mat Pack, you'll set eyelets and create beautiful pierced designs in card stock or projects without harming your stamping surface. Mat, paper-piercing pad, and paper-piercing template are each are 4" x 4".

Paper-Piercing Tool
Create tiny, precisely-spaced holes on any paper using our steel paper-piercing tool. You can use it along with the template in the mat pack to create precisely spaced, perfectly aligned holes.

■ 3-1/2" handle with 3/4" piercing tip
■ Includes storage tube and protective cap
■ Can be used with the paper piercing template in the mat pack or with the paper-piercing guides on Classy Brass templates