Monday, August 3, 2009

Project Idea...


Thanks for those who are returning to view this basket tutorial...I know you'll LOVE it! I have to give a shout out to my friend and fellow demonstrator, T, for sharing this idea with us - THANKS T!

Click on any picture to enlarge and see directions better.

This first picture is of the basket I'm going to be making during the tutorial for you today.

This second picture is actually of the basket I highlighted during the Royal Blog Tour.

Begin by cutting;

(4) Pieces of Designer Series Paper (I am using Card Stock & Designer Paper from the Simply Scrappin' Kit - "Happy B-Day") 3/4"x6"

(1) Piece of Card Stock for the basket rim 3/4"x6 1/2"

(1) Piece of Card Stock for the handle 1/2"x12"

Take you basket rim (3/4"x6 1/2") and put red sticky tape on the bottom portion from end to end.

Peel the sticky tape backing off and start to lay all your Designer Paper strips 3/4"x6" down laying just besides each other, but not over lapping. (See next picture)

For the purposes of this tutorial, I have numbered the strips 1 through 4 as seen in this picture.

Next, take strip #1, and bring the bottom of it up next to #4 and adhere to the strip of tape.

Next bring strip#2 up and lay it next to where you reattached strip #1, and continue this process until you have adhered the bottom of each strip to the rim of the basket. (See next photo)

All your strips should be attached to the basket rim.

You will have some extra space on your basket rim that has sticky tape still...attach the two ends of the basket rim to each other to complete your basket bottom. (see picture below)

Now your basket bottom is complete. HINT: To get your basket bottom to stand on it's own...squash it down a little to flatten the bottom of it.

Next put sticky strip on the right side of the handle at each end. (by arrows)

Next ...peel red backing off tape and attach your handles to your basket. I try and attach one of my handle ends to the part of my basket rim where I brought both sides together. This way when I add my embellishment, it will hide the seams!

For my embellishments, I took (2) flower stickers from my scrapbook kit and backed them with cardstock (as seen on the left side of the photo). I then cut out around the sticker leaving cardstock to show (as seen on the right side of the photo).

Take your Paper Piercing Tool or a needle and punch a hole in the center of your flower, and also at both handles on your basket. Now take a brad and stick it through the flower and also through the basket and open the back of your brad so it lays flat.

After adding your embellishments, you can add a goodie bag with treats as I did (I used the 3"x5" small flat cello bags & they fit perfect!) and tied it up and added a greeting and stamped image to complete your basket.


I hope you have fun making one of your own.




jmniffer said...

Thanks for the photo tutorial on the basket. I can't wait to give it a try. jmniffer