Friday, October 9, 2009

My new & improved "Creative Corner"!

So I did have all my things in an extra bedroom...but soon out grew it. I kept running in between there and my kitchen during workshops and clubs to get items I may have forgotten to bring out that we needed. My space was limited...and a girlcould always use more space! So I hatched my plan, drew it up on paper, and talked to my wonderful hubby. He agreed that we very rarely used the formal living room, and that I could have that space for my "Creative Corner", but that it would take time to get the cabinets and countertop, and other storage in place. So this is my room as I set goals to make it what I want! I hope it inspires you to find a place to create and play!
(In the picture above) This area is by my front door. This is where I display a monthly calander, up-coming class photos & information, and any club notes for members. I also have a metal board where I change out cards every few months for ideas. I have found that having my "Creative Corner" by the front door has led me to more converstations about my love of stamping and my business. (The front door is just to the left of the coat tree for a point of reference in the other pictures.)

This is my desk and the heart of my stamping area!

Behind my desk I have my stamp storage cabinet, shelves with supplies, ideas, business items, magazines, etc. I also have my punch storage.

More pictures of behind my desk and my temporary Big Shot table and storage.

This is the table we use during classes, clubs, and workshops. When I have my larger club and larger classes...we add more tables and chairs to it.

And finally, to the left of the table is my display areas. I always dress up my tree for every holiday or just to represent the month or time of year, and on the buffet I like to display some of the current items I've made or ideas I'd like to share for the up-coming holiday or event in the year.
The room has worked out better than I could have ever imagined these past few months. It makes it so nice for crops, classes, clubs, etc. More room to spread out and everything I need at my fingertips. It may be weird to some giving up a formal living room for a crafting space, but when guests come over...they're like part of our family and always got invited into the family room anyways. We hardly ever used it and now this space is used almost every single day! I'm looking forward over time to making exactly how I have it pictured in my head. I hope you enjoyed the tour - HAPPY CRAFTING!
If you'd like to see my old craft room...just click HERE!


December said...

I have turned my formal dining room into my stamping room. I have upstairs bedrooms, but can't take the stairs well, plus I live on the main floor. I can hear the music on the TV, answer the phone, get to the kitchen for drinks, and have LOTS of light. No one comes over much to use the dining room anyway, so I turned it into the "room" I have an unused formal living room as well, but hardly any light and we are renting so I can't do any construction to change that. Way to go turning your formal Living Room into your "ROOM"! Love it!

December said...

LOVE IT! I turned my unused formal dining room into my stamp room. Lots of light!