Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday's Sketch Challenge...

Here is today's Saturday Sketch for you to have fun and play with. Below you will see what I came up with. If the sketch looks'd be right. You probably saw another spinner card posted HERE. Below you will see what I came up with this time. Thanks again to Cathy Gray for sharing her talented ideas with me at our Southwest Demonstrator's Shoebox Swap this month.

Take A Spin
Wood#121937 - $28.95
Clear #122015 - $20.95
Step right up to take a spin for an exciting array of fun greetings, well wishes, and exclamations of joy and celebration! With the fun and zany interactive messages on the images in our Take a Spin Set, you can get the recipients of your cards or people who peruse your scrapbooks involved with the creativity. Add a Game Spinner Hand and your friends and family can spin and play away for loads of fun. The four games in this set are fabulous for packing entertainment into projects for all kinds of occasions. Available both in wood-mount and clear-mount.
Set Quantity: 4