Monday, March 14, 2011


How cool is this!
I'm so excited and honored to receive my first ever {Stylish Blogger Award}. The award comes by way of Tammy Clark - AKA "Stampin Rx" and you can view her blog and many great ideas by clicking HERE.

When you are given this award...there are (4) things you must do...
1. Thank the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog. You can click on the HERE above to go to Tammy's blog...but if you want to write down her blog information it is: THANKS again Tammy!

2. Share (8) things about yourself:

  • I am the oldest of ten children. (Five boys and five girls with all our names beginning with the letter "K".)
  • I have been married to my husband Scott for 22 years and we met each other in college.
  • I grew up in Fountain Valley, California (really close to Huntington Beach) and love visiting anytime I can.
  • I love to go fishing with my son Jake. Especially fly fishing.
  • I enjoy going on lunch dates and shopping trips with my daughter Jessica.
  • I've had (3) back surgeries with my latest being this past December.
  • I {LOVE} to papercraft and blog hop any chance I get!
  • I just started back to work part time (3 day's a week) this month doing private duty home healthcare, and I enjoy it very much:)

3. Pass this award on to (8) other Stylish Bloggers:

  • Mandy Grant @ L-inked - click HERE.
  • Lisa Flemming @ Peanuts & Peppers Paper Crafting - click HERE.
  • Kim Assaly @ River Front Stampin - click HERE.
  • Teneale Williams @ Teneale Williams - click HERE.
  • Renee Van Straten @ Stampin for Sanity - click HERE.
  • Krista Fenton @ Krista's Stamp Spot - click HERE.
  • Heather Summers @ Stamp With Heather - click HERE.
  • Amber Meadows @ Stampin Craze - click HERE.

4. Leave a comment on their blogs so they know your passing it on to them. {CONGRATS LADIES}


dhillman said...
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dhillman said...

congratulations kendra, how fun for you!

LisaLisa said...

Hi Kendra! Congrats on your award and for also passing it on to me! Your blog is so beautiful and I love your work! Happy Stampin'!