Friday, March 18, 2011

Spotlight On...

Today's Spotlight is on how terrific 3x3 cards can be to give. I love to put a cute little 3x3 card on a plate of cookies, attach it to a jar of homemade preserves, as a cute note in a lunch bag, to leave on a pillow, or even to give as a thank you note.
There's always a time a 3x3 card will the next time your in a hurry or just want to create something on a smaller scale...try a wonderful 3x3 note card.
Hope your weekend is terrific!


"Michey" said...

Your ideas for 3x3s are wonderful! I always get hung up on the fact you can't mail them but having a stash of them on hand for the impromtu "just because" is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!