Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I left Tucson today and headed to San Antonio, Texas for SU! Leadership. I ended up flying out by myself because my dear friend Sue B. was really sick this morning and headed to a hospital to get checked out for kidney stones. I received a call from her about about 2 hours after arriving saying that she had gotten a different flight and was on her way - YEAH!!! I'm so excited she's on her way and were going to have a blast.

So I wanted to share a couple of FIRSTS with you that I experienced today...

Flew for the third time in my life...but my FIRST time alone. I headed from Tucson, AZ to San Diego and had a layover. Then headed from San Diego to San Antonio...and man was it ever a white knuckle flight for me during the last part of the trip....turbulence like you wouldn't believe! This is how bad I was...the guy on the other side of the isle...well he was laughing at me. It was so bad I called my husband Scott and told him I wasn't flying home, he'd have to come get me in Texas or I'd have to start taking prescription drugs and drinking alcohol to get me back on a plane! It sure will be nice to fly home with someone I know by my side!
My next FIRST is that I met Becky Roberts {Inking Idaho} and her wonderful BFF, Kim Sinclair {Kim's Creative Niche}. They were in front of me in the line for a taxi cab and we got talking and they invited me to share a taxi to the hotel...FUN, FUN RIDE - Thanks gals!

And my final FIRST was my first taxi ride ever.
So today has been filled with highs and lows for me and now that I'm here, have picked up my DARLING bag, went to the Make-N-Take session and made more new friends...I'm READY for tomorrow morning and the Opening Session!
Make sure to check back tomorrow...I took some pictures tonight of some darling projects you won't want to miss!
Now my pillow and bed are calling me - goodnight.