Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi Stampers!
As promised, here is the tutorial for the Box In A Bag that I demonstrated this month and was our "On Time" drawing prizes. This is the sample I demonstrated using the Sunshine Garden Simply Scrappin' Kit.

This is the sample one that was for our "On Time" drawings. I made these back in March and all the tutorial pictures are of this sample. There are lots of step by step instructions for you to complete this project with ease. Have FUN!

This is just a picture of some of the items you will need. Further explanations for each item are below.

These are the punches you will be needing. If you do not have these punches, just make adjustments to your project.

These are the tools that you will be needing for this tutorial;
Crop-A-Dile, Adhesive, Paper Piercer, and Pop Up Glue Dots. You will also need Red Sticky Tape (not pictured).

Start with an 8 1/2 x 11" piece of CS (cardstock).

Cut to 4"x4".
(For a bigger box or smaller box cut a different size square, and make adjustments to the rest of your papers accordingly.)

For the purposes of this tutorial, I made pencil marks where I scored the paper so it would show up in the pictures. I scored the 4"x4" piece of CS at 1" on all four sides.

Then fold in on all four sides and use a bone folder if needed to make sharp creases in your CS.

Then on two of the sides opposite each other, your going to take a pair of scissors and cut straight lines in to create your tabs (the next picture may help you visualize this better).

This shows you what your 4'x4' piece of CS should look like after you cut your tabs.

Now turn it over and place a piece of red sticky strip on all four tabs.

Fold up your box and secure your tabs in place.

Cut a piece of DSP (Designer Series Paper) 10"x4 1/2".

Put sticky strip on the bottom of the patterned side of DSP that you do not want to show.

Now flip it over and put a piece of sticky strip on the left hand side.

Peel the sticky strip from the bottom of your DSP.

Lay your box right in the far right bottom corner and line it up.

Start to wrap your box with the DSP being careful to line up straight.

This is what it should look like right as you get towards the end. Use your adhesive and put some on the far left hand side.

Then peel the sticky strip and adhere. Make sure you worry more about the bottom being straight. If the bottom is good, the top will work out just fine.

Then you have added the bag part to your box part.! Way to go! Now you just have to embellish it.

Now cut a piece of contrasting DSP - 10"x2". Or if you are using a Simply Scrappin' Kit, you can use some of the stickers around the bottom as shown in one of the samples at the top of this tutorial.

Now use your scallop edge punch on one side of your 2"x10" strip. (I just realized I didn't include this punch in the pictures of the punches needed above - sorry!) If you do not have this punch, you could free-hand a wavy border by just using regular scissors or if you have a pair of fiskers you could use those. If you have our tearing edge ruler, you could also use that!

This is what your strip should look like when done being punched.

Now take your Round Tab punch and punch out two.

Take the Five Petal Flower punch and punch out one in DSP.

And also punch one out in a coordinating CS. just set your flowers aside for the time being.

Put some adhesive or red sticky tape on the back side of the DSP you are using and line it up with the bottom of your box.

Put some adhesive on the wrong side of your Round Tab punches and carefully aline in the center of your bag.

Now take the Crop-A-Dile or a hole punch and punch an 1/8" hole in the center of each Round Tab.

You will need two silver eyelets.

Using your Crop-A-Dile set the eyelets.

Run a piece of ribbon through your eyelets and tie in a bow to complete the top of your bag.

Now take the two flowers you punched out and put adhesive on the backside of one of them, and layer them.

Take a Corduroy Button Brad that will match your DSP and using the paper piercer, pierce a hole and put the brad through the hole, but don't open yet. If you do not have Corduroy Button Brads, you could substitute another regular or rhinestone brad here.

Punch one Scallop Circle out of coordinating CS. Use paper piercer to punch a hole through the center and now attach your flower piece poking the brad through the scallop circle. Open up the prongs now and flatten.

This is what your completed flower should look like. If you are using a Simply Scrappin' Kit - layer some stickers and attach in the same fashion.

Take your flower (or other embellishment) to your Pop Up Glue Dots and put one on the center back of your embellishment.

Now you have a completed Box In A Bag! Great Job. Now anytime you need a last minute gift holder and don't have anything on hand, you can quickly make one of these. Just adjust the size for the gift it must contain.