Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scrapbook Basics!

Paper tearing can bring texture and dimension to your scrapbook pages. It is one technique that requires NO tools, and can be used anywhere. While paper tearing can be used most anywhere, it is great when you don’t need an even edge. You can use paper tearing to give a sandy look, for a furry or snowy look as well. Layer pieces of torn cardstock to give the look of rolling hills or mountains on a scrapbook page.
Since paper is made from fibers, when you tear it, those fibers are exposed and give a defined look. Once you expose those fibers, to add a different look to the paper, you can ink or chalk the “raw” edge. This will also give your page an aged look, or what is called the distressed look.
Mulberry paper is a handmade paper can be torn using a q-tip dipped in water. If you dip your q-tip, then “draw” a line on your mulberry paper, you can easily tear the paper. The fibers will pull out and give a feathered look. White mulberry paper, torn in a circle makes a very neat looking snowman.
To paper tear cardstock, hold the paper in your non-dominant hand. Slowly tear the paper toward you. The more slowly you tear the paper the straighter your tear will be. If you tear the paper more quickly, you’ll get a much more jagged edge.

The heavier the cardstock, the more difficult you may find the paper to tear. If you use the same technique you used for the mulberry paper, using the q-tip and water, you will find the cardstock will tear easier.
Remember a white cored cardstock will have no color in the middle of the colored cardstock. But will have a “fuzzy” look from the fibers in the paper. This kind of paper is good, if you are trying to get a snowy look.
If you are tearing a cardstock that is solid, you can use Versamark to darken the tear mark.
Paper tearing is a technique that will never be duplicated. Regardless of the layout, how ever you tear the paper, you will always come up with a new look.
Have fun and be creative!
This article was written by;
Scrap 101 Coordinator - Julie Semones - SAMPLES BELOW ARE DONE BY ME. JUST REMEMBER THAT PAPER TEARING CAN BE DONE ON MORE THAN JUST PAGES...TRY IT ON CARDS. I especially like this technique to create the illusion of sand, like in the middle picture. (you can click on any picture to enlarge it)